Thursday, 20 August 2015

Should You Stay In An Unhappy Marriage If No Physical Abuse Is Involved?

I apologize that I haven't been as consistent as I should in recent times but like they say hustle no easy but the Grace of God keeps one going. However, I want to say a big thank you to all those that have been dropping their comments, listening to my podcasts and sending me private emails to, God bless you all and yes, YOU ARE AWESOME!

Please remember that this blog is to serve as a support system and you all are part of that. My email has been full of different messages and questions that I will be sharing here from time to time as requested by the senders as they want your honest opinion on their issues and sometimes hearing from a different perspective can help give clarity to a situation.

One of my friends sent me this picture above and said it caused a serious backlash when she put it up on her social media which included Facebook and Instagram. She said many people said different hurtful things to her and even her older sister called her on phone to take it down as she was sending a wrong message.

This message is from a single mum who left her marriage and is finding it difficult coping on her own. What is your take on her suggestion?

Your comments will indeed go a long way thank you.

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