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How I Learnt To Cope And Move On After The Break-up Of My Marriage

Writing has always been my way of expressing myself and is very therapeutic for me. I remember then when it used to be only on Facebook I would write stuff on before I knew about blogging and some people I knew would call me up and say "Bimbo, I don't think its right for you to be exposing yourself that way" I asked them then who was I hiding from? 

The fear of what will people say is a major part of where I found myself today. Many of us like to pretend and keep up appearances, please what has it done for you? My response to life is to each his own, if I had confided in the right people when I had doubts at that time maybe the story would be different today. Infact when I was leaving my husband, in one of the family meetings, his older aunties said why didn't I ever come to report him when the abuse started...bla,bla,bla.

I am not ashamed of what I have gone through in life instead by the grace of God I am glad about how He is seeing me through and gradually working it out for my good. In life you can never please everyone and like I always say to people, you do good, they will talk about you, you do bad, they will talk about you, you do nothing they will still talk about you! I have always been known for always wanting to add value and if my life story and personal experience will do that biko I am all for it. 

When things were so bad and I wanted to take my life, I got to the point where I was justifying my suicidal reason with God, the answer I got was that He will be glorified in my unfortunate circumstances and use it to make me help other people and if I took my life it would have been a waste of suffering and time(I didn't find that funny one bit o..Lol)

Funny enough my writing on social media actually made popular site Bella Naija approach me then on Twitter  in 2012 to ask me if I could share my story on their platform and I did that and to the glory of God now 3 years after, I will share it again on this platform so more people will be blessed and understand exactly where I am coming from. 

This blog is not a pity party but rather a strengthening ground to make people understand that the popular saying of what doesn't kill you will make you stronger, is actually very true. Besides being a child of God doesn't mean you won't have problems or struggles, remember the part in the Bible where it says " many are the afflictions of the righteous BUT the Lord delivers him/her out of them all, Psalm 34:19". Oya sit back, relax, get your popcorn and drink out (Lol) because it is indeed like a movie but na my life story in a nutshell which I shared on Bella Naija in 2012.

Just the other day a ‘well meaning’ married friend of mine called me up to ‘advice’ me on settling as a mistress. I went further to ask if her husband could be the candidate and she got very angry stating that she was only trying to help me in my current ‘condition’.

This so called condition is being a single mom in my 30s. I was in a seven year physically and verbally abusive marriage. When the abuse started to get more physical than verbal, I decided to leave for both our sakes and our two beautiful children involved.

For the past three years now I have been a single mum and trust me it has not been an easy experience. Starting over is never an easy feat. It takes a whole lot of guts and changing of one’s mindset to find the way forward. Especially, if it is a case of stooping from grace to grass, whereby you are literally back to square one emotionally, financially and spiritually.

Being in this situation has helped me to understand why the counseling and psychiatry sessions inculcated abroad are actually very important. Unfortunately, our environment and culture do not really embrace such. So, you just end up sinking or swimming and so help you God!

For me the first year was the worst because it had not yet dawned on me well that it was now me, two children, no job and an angry ex-husband who tried to get at me by not providing financially for his kids. It was quite horrible and I must confess I looked at suicide as an option. When it came to actually swallowing my poison of choice which was ’otapiapia’ a locally made fumigant, I couldn’t go through.

However that was the turning point because it made me realize it was now me, myself and God. I used to have so many friends but by the end of that first year I could count on one hand those who truly cared. It was like I became ‘persona non grata’ and that hit me hard and affected my psyche for a while.

To counter this, I went on a little ‘girls gone wild’ episode with men that did not offer me much because most of the men felt they were doing me a favor by dating me as I was supposedly a ‘second infact third hand human  being’! Also at that time the people I surrounded myself with were also of that mindset that you have to just settle for any kind of man often time married because the odds were stacked against you.

Moving into the second year, still financially struggling and emotionally destroyed I started to focus on the spiritual part of me. This is basically the essence of who we are as humans and I started to rebuild my inner self and change my mindset. I learnt to imbibe humility and started doing odds and ends to feed myself and my children. I broke off all those unfulfilling affairs and connections as well as distanced myself from those people that felt compromising negatively was the way to survive.

Trust me that was another hard path to go through. Gradually I started to appreciate who I was and the hand that fate had dealt me. I came to realize that life isn’t exactly fair but hey guess what? It could have been worse and the fact remained that I still had a lot to thank God for…being alive and well to start over and two wonderful children to live for.

Being single again is not exactly a walk in the park though because it is as much a state of mind as it is a state of relationship. It is not bad in itself but what is bad is losing hope that one will ever find anyone that will love you again. Personally, I still have some good days and some bad days when I just crave having someone to call my own. Not even in terms of sex but just having a man that cares, takes me out, calls me up and loves me to pieces (deep sigh)

I have come to learn though that it is better to wait for the real deal from God rather than force it yourself due to heightened emotions one might be going through as well as people’s perception. Do not let anyone deceive you, as a single mum you are as much a wonderful human being  as any other person and you need to make yourself a good role model for your children.

I am now in my third year of being a single mum and things have eased up a bit to the glory of God. My wilderness period has made me a stronger person. I have also been able to learn some vocational skills like sewing, soap making, catering and yes writing.

I am presently pursuing a lifelong dream career in the broadcast media and I can hold my head up high and say I am indeed making lemonade out of the lemons that life dealt me.


  1. Bimz, I am incredibly proud of how you are transforming your life and becoming all that God has called you to be despite your past. I want you to know, your story is still unfolding and there would be a glorious future ahead filled with beautiful testimonies. Keep on going girl! I am cheering you along and your test is indeed your testimony.

  2. I could hug you right now and I'm sending cyberhugs. God bless you for sharing. God will give you beauty for ashes. Please, how do we follow your blog? Thank you.

  3. Wow so shocked and short of words.l never knew you were a single mum. Keep being strong and God Almighty will bless and surprise you. Your children will stand tall among their peers in Jesus name. I appreciate you

  4. Aunty Bimbo, I'm so proud of you. God bless u and urs.

  5. Aunty Bimbo, I'm so proud of you. God bless u and urs.

  6. Hw can I hook up wit u?ve got to learn one or two things from u.

  7. We all go through the "wilderness" experience and the degree of what we go through varies. Thanks for sharing your experience. There is always a blessing in the Storm!

  8. Thank you very much everyone it has been and continues to be all to the glory of God.

  9. Well done make me proud with every positive step you take.


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