Thursday, 22 June 2017

Let Your Child Hangout & Have Fun With Aunty Bimbo This Saturday 24th June

Did You Know Our Monthly Aunty Bimbo Kids Hangout is this weekend? Its on Saturday, 24th June precisely from 12pm to 5pm for children ages 2 to 12years.

Did you also know that your child gets a 30% discount if they come for the hangout? This Saturday, we'll hangout and have fun at Play Place, a Family Entertainment Center located in the Ogudu area of Lagos.

Our theme this month is "Let's Get Artsy & Craftsy" where the children will draw and paint stuff to enhance their creativity. This will be alongside having access to the following including snacks and drinks:

Aeroplane Slides
Adventures Slides
Table Tennis
Ball Pit
Spider Web
Simulated Supermarket
Simulated Kitchen
Building Blocks
Games and rides for the younger children

Payment before the date attracts a 30% discount and you pay N3,500 while payment on that date is N5,000

To register your child, make payment and send child's details to 08029762167 via Text or Watsapp.

N.B Kindly note you drop your child at 12pm and come back to pick them up by 5pm. You are also free to stick around if you want to.

Venue: Play Place
              5, Eddy Okeke Street
              Ogudu, Lagos

Payment Details
Abimbola Buko
Gt Bank

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Monday, 19 June 2017

Summer Camp Nigeria Presents Fun Activities For Your Child This Holiday

Are you still wondering how your child will spend their Summer holidays? Register your child at Summer Camp Nigeria where over 300 children have attended so far since 2013 with positive results all round.

Summer Camp Nigeria is an offering of Brainy Educare Services, an organization that provides guidance to all players in the education system by working with students, families, schools, and other organizations to ensure that students are motivated for a lifelong learning experience.

The motivation to learn is an in-born potential in every child, but as they grow, it becomes a personality characteristic largely determined by their learning experiences. 

Brainy Educare believes that every child can succeed and they work to ensure that the powerful desire to learn is kept alive in every student through Summer Camp Nigeria.

At Summer Camp Nigeria, an educational, insightful, enlightening and sporty slew of activities to create a fun-packed and unforgettable experience is created for students while providing them with all the guidance and counselling they might require. 

This will be the fifth (5th) edition of the camp and the theme this year is Generation Neo; Redefining Leadership.

Summer Camp Nigeria believes that leadership is ultimately about being in service of other people and their goal is to expose children to a series of classes and activities that will build their leadership skills and get them to use their skills to solve problems in their communities.

The 3 main objectives are as follows:

LEARNING: where campers will learn and practice "21st Century" skills like Critical Thinking, Effective Communication, Working in Teams etc.

EXPOSURE: where campers will get an appreciation of other cultures through language classes, field trips and a community service project.

FUN: We have so many indoor and outdoor games planned to get campers moving. There will also be a grand competition, Summer Camp Olympico Games tagged "Summerlympics".

Venue: Avicenna International School
Date: July 30th to August 12th 2017
Time: 9am to 4pm 
Ages: 7-17

Register via or call 08036966461 or 08175488214

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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Fathers Are So Important Lets Celebrate Them This Fathers Day

Some fathers sure know how to make their child feel special right? Well, just Incase you didn't know, Sunday, 18th of June is Fathers Day!

While Mothers Day is celebrated twice a year, Fathers Day is just once and is generally celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June.

Father's Day is a day set aside to celebrate and acknowledge the contribution of fathers to the family. It is also a day for children to express love and respect for their fathers which will go a long way in strengthening father-child bonding and relationship.

Interestingly, the idea of celebrating Father's Day came about from a woman called Sonora Dodd! She and her 5 siblings were singlehandedly raised by their father Henry Jackson Smart after their mum died.

He was so selfless in bringing up his kids that Sonora felt he should be celebrated as well as other fathers who go great lengths for their children.

In the 1920s, Sonora Dodd worked tirelessly for years to ensure this became a reality but it didn't become a publicly recognised day until 1972 when the US president at the time, Richard Nixon made it official.

Fast forward to this present time, even though many people regard mothers as nurturers of children, fathers should also be recognised for their role in the lives of their children.

The father is just as significant in a child's life just as a mother is. If mothers are the heroes of child rearing, the significance of fathers in the development and emotional well being of a child is no less.

Fathers are also responsible for their child's spiritual, emotional, physical, financial and social well being and in many cases, sons see their fathers as their heroes.

So make sure your child does something special to appreciate their Dad this Sunday which is Fathers Day!!

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to ALL FATHERS watching out for their children!!
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Sunday, 11 June 2017

The Mummy Movie Makes A Comeback Starring Tom Cruise...Now In Cinemas!

The Mummy franchise just got an exciting reboot as Tom Cruise steps in as Soldier of Fortune, Nick Morton. This edition of The Mummy is an action-adventure horror movie that is bound to keep you at the edge of your seats.

Directed by Alex Kurtzman, The Mummy stars Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wallis, Jake Johnson, Courtney B. Vance, Marwan Kenzari and Russell Crowe.

This 2017 edition will be the first installment in the Dark Universe film series following Universal Pictures announcement of a modern day reboot.

In The Mummy, an ancient Egyptian princess, Ahmanet, whose tomb was buried deep beneath the dessert is awakened and she has a deep score to settle as her destiny was unjustly taken from her and she is set on revenge not minding whoever gets in her way.

Ahmanet was first in line to replace her father Menehptre only to be replaced when his new wife gives birth to a son. Determined to usurp the throne, Ahmanet sells her soul to the the god Set, who promises to make her Queen in exchange for gaining a corporeal form. After killing her family, Ahmanet prepares to sacrifice her lover only to be captured and condemned to be buried alive with flesh-eating scarabs.

Unfortunately, Nick Morton and his team accidentally discover the tomb of Ahmanet while fleeing from groups of armed thieves. Nick and his team bring the tomb aboard their own airplane, and attempt to travel out of Iraq which is where all the action begins.

The Mummy brings a surprising intensity and balance of wonder and thrills in an imaginative new take that ushers in a new world of gods and monsters with some possession and re-incarnation taking place.

Does Tom Cruise's character, Nick become evil in his quest to save the world from Princess Ahmanet? does he become a god? Well, you will have to find out when you visit the cinema to watch The Mummy by yourself!

The Mummy movie is showing in Nigeria courtesy of film distribution giants, Silverbird Film Distribution West Africa and you can catch it in any of the following cinemas, Silverbird Cinemas, Genesis Cinemas, Viva Cinemas, Ozone Cinemas & Lighthouse Cinemas to mention a few.

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Monday, 5 June 2017

Looking For Topnotch Childcare Including Creche & After School Hours? Blossoms Is The Place!

Getting safe, resourceful and adequate care services for your child while you are busy at work or at your business is something every mother is very particular about.

However, like they say, "Experience is the best teacher" and Blossoms is a homely, secure and cosy children's hub that offers your child that experience 100%! Call it a safe haven if you will, Blossoms is an amazing childcare center that caters to children from 3months to 10 years.

From the early hours, Creche to after school hours and even overnight (YES! You read that correctly) Blossoms babysits your child and keeps them engaged with different activities through fun and learning with well trained personnel who are experts in childcare.

In line with making sure your child gets a total package, Blossoms also helps them with their homework and school projects! In other words, taking the load off you so you can have some me time to do other things after work without worrying about school assignments.

At Blossoms, your child is loved and pampered and you can kick back and relax knowing they are safe and well looked after.

There is also provision for overnight or weekend stay just incase you need to be away and don't want to take your child along. You can be rest assured that your child will be safe and loved till you return. The school bus can also pick up and drop them off from Blossoms without any worries.

Blossoms offers a bumper package of thorough and affordable childcare in a setting that ensures your child doesn't miss home one bit......ENROL YOUR CHILD TODAY!

Blossoms is located at
7B Mary Osadolor Street
UBA Road
Bakare Estate
Chevron Drive
Lekki, Lagos

At Blossoms, your child will LEARN, PLAY & BLOSSOM...Give them a call today and you will sure be glad you did!!

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Sunday, 28 May 2017

How Mothers Had So Much Fun At Mothers Pampering Day Event Organised By Aunty Bimbo

It was a totally amazing, relaxing and refreshing time at the first Mothers Pampering Day event organised by Aunty Bimbo this year.

Mothers from different works of life came together to nurture themselves emotionally, spiritually, physically and socially all in our Arabian Nite theme setting complete with throw pillows and plush carpets.

It was a time to ask those questions on most mothers' minds about their spouse, child and family generally as there were experts on hand to offer various coaching sessions.

Therapy was also not left out as Play and Sex Therapist, Zuriel Olowe took us all down memory lane to assuage our fears using toys as a focal point.

We also had a deep jazz music serenading session by Gospel Saxophonist extraordinare, Wale Sax who kept belting out tunes that kept all the mothers bumping along to the music.

The therapy was so intense that some mothers literally broke down in tears when they realised what had been hindering them from achieving what they always wanted.

There was also a session on how to balance work life and family and we had Balance Coach, Bella Abidakun around to help us.

Issues of marriage and prayer was also not left out as Marriage Mindset Coach, Bridget Elesin gave mothers insights on how to improve their marriages in every way possible both physically and also spiritually. 

We also had a deep discussion on sex and trust me, it was very deep with most mothers learning more ways to please their partners and how to stop using sex as a negotiation tool but rather as a means to show love to their spouses.

There was also a manicure and pedicure session to help mothers unwind as their feet were being attended to as Mothers Pampering Day is basically about unwinding on all fronts.

That's not all, money was also discussed as Home Finance Coach, Ogechi Njoku-Alabi, a former banker of 14 years, mum of 6 children who has been married for 17 years and counting came to share her secrets with us!

There was so much to eat and drink Buffet Style with our menu of over 6 finger foods including shawarma, chicken and chips, plantain & shrimps, corndog, fruit kebab, small chops, chapman, icecream and velvet cake. 

Oops! I forgot to mention that there was also a giveaway  of over 24 kitchen utensils including mortar and pestle courtesy of Hampies Essentials!

This exclusive Mothers Pampering Day event was held at Funtasticaland Family Entertainment Center, Ilupeju and feedback continues to roll in on how many homes have improved in all ramifications since the event which took place on the 20th of May 2017.

Another Mothers Pampering Day event will come up before the end of this year so if you missed this one, not to worry just watch this space. 

If you want to partner or support this event in anyway, kindly send mail to or call 07069171767 for enquiries.
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Designed by Jide Ogunsanya.